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Chipotle always seems to be in trouble over something. Their most recent scandal comes after a woman posted a TikTok about finding a cockroach in her burrito.

She posted the video on July 8th, 2021, right after the incident. She explained how she was eating her burrito when she bit into something very crunchy. She didn’t think much of it, thinking that maybe it was some crunchy corn. When it happened a second time, she spit it out to see what it was and found the leg and chewed-up body of what looked like a cockroach.

She explained that she called poison control and they told her she should be fine, but will most likely get food poisoning.

After posting the first video explaining the incident, she made a few follow-up posts to keep everyone updated. She said that she tried to bring the bits of the bug to the Chipotle she got the food from. However, the bits of the bug had dried up and were hard to distinguish at that point. She said that the store did not offer any help or try to make it up to her.

She then posted an update that the bug was not actually what she first thought it was. She said she spoke with some knowledgeable friends that said it was most likely a beetle rather than a roach. They said the leg was larger than a roach would have, and if it was a roach then it would have tasted similar to shrimp. The woman that ate the bug said that it tasted very bitter, which is how a beetle would taste.

Either way, it's absolutely disgusting to find such a large bug in your food, let alone eat it. The woman also said that she is pretty sure the bug was still alive when she ate it based on how the body shriveled up after she spit it out.

Finally, a month after the incident when the video gained traction, Chipotle reached out to her and offered some free meals. Really, Chipotle? You're going to do nothing for this poor girl until the video goes viral and starts to smear your name for the nth time?

Also, after finding a bug in her food, I doubt she ever wants to eat there again, free or not.

I understand that things like this happen, but it doesn't make it acceptable. I don't understand how you don’t notice that such a large bug getting into the food you are serving. I also don’t understand why the store didn’t just offer her a refund. If the store simply helped her out when she brought it up, then it probably wouldn't have become such a big issue.

I really like Chipotle, and I've never had any issues with their food before, but this is absolutely concerning.

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