The Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers are strangely calm ahead of the biggest game of the year.

It may be fitting considering the spread opened up as a pick-em and both teams have to feel like the Super Bowl is a game they can win.

Over the years of covering Super Bowl week, you usually get a sense on Media Night what each team's level of nerves is currently at and usually one of the teams shows more signs than the other.

During that time frame, the New England Patriots were there almost every year but each Pats team had a different level of calm about themselves that really did mirror each year's performance.

On the NFC side of things, you could get a sense just how daunting of a task the game could be from some teams more than others.

At this year's Opening Night (Media Night), I didn't get a sense that either of the teams were more nervous than the other.

Both coaches seemed cool, calm and collected which seems to spark their players to act the same way.

That trickle-down effect has been clear in the never panic nature of the Chiefs two playoff wins as well as the 49ers mirroring their head coach who looks like has 7,000 more cool points than anyone on an NFL sideline.

Hopefully, that calm demeanor carries over to Super Bowl LIV and we get the best version of each team and nerves don't become a factor.


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