A Chick-fil-A employee attempted to expose the well-loved fast-food chain on TikTok earlier this month.

The user posted a TikTok of an employee scraping the breading off of chicken with the caption "and y'all be eating this." The employee filming the video asks the person scraping the chicken what it's used for and they respond that it's for the chicken soup.

It seems that the main point of this employee making the video was to show that they don't use fresh meat to make the soup. However, many viewers didn't find any issue with them repurposing the uneaten chicken.

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I could see the argument going both ways. It definitely doesn't look appetizing to see that the meat used is simply unused from that day, but it’s kind of a good thing that they aren't wasting the chicken that doesn't sell.

I would rather have them repurpose the chicken in this way rather than just throw it out. I used to work in food service and it's sad how much food goes to waste at the end of the day. At most establishments, employees aren't allowed to take food home, so no matter how much is left after closing, it all just ends up in the trash.

It's something that you might not expect from the well-loved establishment, but I don't know that I can say it's wrong for them to do. It's really up to the individual. If you're uncomfortable by the thought of this, then now you know to avoid their soup.

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