Evidently, a wild time was had by all Wednesday night (and by wild, we mean brutally wild).

A (presumed) patron caught this wild video outside of Charley B's. According to the post it was Wednesday night, August 16. In the video, you can see multiple brawls breaking out outside the club and the sound of something that sounds like a taser repeatedly going off.

Ralph Savedra captured this video, but there was no shortage of folks filming. In fact, you can hear people yell "World Star," which is a reference to a website that frequently features footage like this.

In the video, you can see men, women, security personnel and what looks to be regular bar personnel involved in -- or trying to break up -- multiple fights. Savedra told KFMX that the melee went on for around 30 minutes.

Hey guys, it's 2017! If you act like a jackass outside of a club, you will be put on blast.


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