One West Texas non-profit organization is asking local churches and congregations for their prayers. CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) of the South Plains is made up of people from the community who seek the best interests for children in the foster care system. These volunteers focus is to create positive relationship with children and families to focus on their well being and healing. While volunteers do what they can to help children the CASA of the South Plains is reaching out to local churches and asking for prayers on Stand Sunday.

KAMC news reports that Stand Sunday was actually created in Brownwood, Texas by Bishop Aaron Blake after noticing the lack of engagement with the child welfare system in that community. This day is a way for local communities around the world to bring awareness to children in the foster care system and the help that they all need. These efforts only go so far as Bishop Blake has reached out to other churches to get a collective day of prayer for the children.

This is a great way for anyone and everyone, from whatever walks of faith, to participate in with what they can do and in their own ways. More information about Stand Sunday, or to just participate in this event, can be found by contacting Tabitha Rendon at 806-535-2782. More information about CASA of the South Plains and volunteer opportunities can be found by going to the CASA website.

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