You’d think if you were a millionaire living in southern California, you wouldn’t have to resort to buying up billboard space in an attempt to get a girlfriend. Apparently, you’d be wrong.

62-year old Marc Paskin recently did just that, putting up a billboard along I-5 in San Diego saying “All I Want for Christmas is a Latina Girlfriend.” Paskin, a La Jolla real estate investor, lost his wife to diabetes and has since given over $1 million to various health foundations and other charities. Last year, he spent a week on the show “Secret Millionaire”, where he lived on less than $50 a day. According to the show, he donated $125,000 to the families in need from that episode.

The bad news is, within days of the billboard going up, vandals had defaced and pulled down much of the billboard and Paskin elected not to put it back up. On the plus side he reports that, in just four days, he received over 15,000 emails from women all over the world who were interested in meeting him.

Yes, his methods are a little more unorthodox than heading to a local singles club or trying an internet dating site. But with all of Paskin's charitable giving, we support him treating himself to a billboard in the name of love. Your move, Trump.

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