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If you're a fan of BBQ like I am, that means you probably like to get brisket when you visit your favorite BBQ spot. To be honest, you probably get more than just brisket but for the sake of today's article, we will focus on the brisket.

If you've gone to get BBQ lately, you've probably noticed that the prices keep going up. That is especially true for the price of brisket. The culprit behind the price increase? COVID-19.

The pandemic has hit supply chains and meat packing plants across the United States. That's led to plants being closed or significantly understaffed. That has led to an increase in beef prices.

Our friends at The Shack BBQ here in Lubbock took to social media on Monday to explain their cost and the prices they are seeing.

As you can tell, that price isn't normal. Just like a lot of things right now happening in our country, it's just not normal, and it's not the fault of the business. Some things are just out of a business owner's control, like the price of food. When their costs increase, so does the cost we pay for the delicious food.

Remember, when you go out to eat, everyone is dealing with something new and something that is beyond their control. Be kind and be understanding. Everyone is doing the best they can, and it's good to see places like The Shack BBQ explain what is happening and how they are attempting to control costs.

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