When I was driving down University Ave. near 82nd street this weekend, I was shocked to see that a Valero did not have gas or their gas prices on the sign.

Apparently, all the Valero locations in Lubbock are either closing down or changing to something different. For example, if you go to their website and check this specific location, it now says it's an Empire. For now, they're still mentioned on their website, but we don't know how long that will last.


Also according to their website, all the Lubbock locations are no longer called Valero. You can see the screenshot below on the locations they are showing they have and what they're calling them.


Their location at 82nd Street and Slide switched over from Valero to Murphy USA last month and is ready to go. This location is no longer on their website. You can find the other free-standing Murphy USA location that is open in Lubbock at19th Street and I-27 by Mavis Tires.

There still are some gas stations called Valero in Texas, just not in Lubbock. We should start seeing those changes at the gas stations very soon.

If you're looking for gas stations to check out, you can use Gas Buddy to make sure you're finding the cheapest gas possible because it's been changing a lot here in Lubbock. New gas stations are popping up everywhere, all the time.

Remember: if you know of any places opening soon or brand new to Lubbock that you want me to check out, reach out at: kelsee.pitman@townsquaremedia.com.

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