One of my biggest dreams is to voice a cartoon, and I'd really love to English dub anime. Cory J. Phillips is already living my dream.

From Hub City Comic Con:

Cory J. Phillips is an actor/content creator living in Dallas, TX. He is the new kid on the block in the voice acting world making his debut in Tokyo Ghoul, One Piece, and My Hero Academia. He started in church dramas at the the age of 14, and then was introduced to his greatest passion, improv. After high school, he started his own improv troupe and production company known as Take One Productions. Cory has produced films and performed across the nation for over 10 years. He has starred in numerous films, series, and commercials over the past decade and doesn’t show any sign of slowing down. He is a die-hard nerd. So much so, he wrote, produced, and starred in his own Doctor Who spinoff; the Soldier Stories. So feel free to challenge him to a Yu-gi-oh duel… He will play you… and he will win.. hopefully.

Cory J. Phillips will appear at Hub City Comic Con Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (Aug. 24-26).

So far, here's the huge list of special guests and events Hub City Comic Con has planned for 2018:

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