UPDATE, 12:10am, July 6, 2019

Chef Chicago Pie @ Pie's Place, sent the following video to KFYO News from Buffalo Springs Lake:



UPDATE 10:45pm, July 5, 2019:

KFYO News just before 10:40pm was told by a source at Buffalo Springs Lake that a fire which resulted from the fireworks explosion has been put out.

KFYO News has also been told that one minor injury occurred due to the explosion.

Here is a photo of the fire, after the explosion, courtesy of Landon King and KFYO Morning Show host Dave King:

Buffalo Springs Lake Fireworks Fire- July 5, 2019
Landon King & Dave King, Special to KFYO News


The explosion starts about 3 minutes into the following video. Please note there is explicit language in the video from Buffalo Springs Lake:


Here is another photo, sent from KFYO listener Bev Salazar:

Buffalo Springs Lake Fireworks Show Fire- July 5, 2019
Special from Bev Salazar to KFYO News via Facebook



Not much information is known at the time of the original publishing of this story, but at 10pm on Friday night, KFYO News was notified of a mishap with the Buffalo Springs Lake Fireworks Show.

According to a source at the lake, the "whole magazine of fireworks" exploded at the same time. The photo at the start of this story shows a cell phone photo of the explosion.

No word on if any injuries occurred as a result of the explosion, which mirrors other accidents which have occurred across the country on this Independence Day weekend; including one in Kyle, Texas.

If you happened to have been at the Buffalo Springs Lake Fireworks Show and took photos or video of the explosion, you can e-mail them to news@kfyo.com


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