Hat-tip to Deadspin for their original item on the "Nice 2 Meat You" burger

Over the past decade, one of the ever-increasing sideshows of minor league baseball has been the concoctions of food teams sell at the concession stand.

Lately, they've bordered on insane with super large burgers and strange mixing of different foods.

Well, just in time for the 2011 season, the Akron Aeros have announced their latest 'creation'-- the "Nice 2 Meat You" burger.  From the official press release touting the burger:

This burger is a colossal creation – 1 ¼ lb. hamburger, stuffed with a ½ lb. hot dog, and ¼ lb. of bacon, cheese, and onions.

If you can't imagine how large this thing is, here's a photo.


The combination of a burger, hot dog, bacon and onions doesn't really sound too appetizing.  Just looking at this photo makes my stomach churn.

Now the Aeros previously announced another specialty food item that is in the same ballpark of the "Nice 2 Meat You" burger: the "3 Dog Night".

The "3 Dog Night" would be John Madden's dream ballpark food as it's origin hearken back to the Turducken.

Here's what's in the "3 Dog Night":

Paying homage to its famous forefather, the Turducken (championed by John Madden - turkey stuffed inside of a duck, stuffed inside of a chicken), Three Dog Night is a hot dog stuffed inside a bratwurst, stuffed inside a kielbasa, topped with sauerkraut and mustard, and served on a hoagie roll.


Of course the Aeros are building off of great foods of the past, including 2009's "Fifth Third Burger".  The "Fifth Third Burger" was featured in an episode of Man vs. Food and received the criticism of a somewhat health conscious public.

However, the burger is in another swing of publicity and is being featured on the Food Network during this month.


I guess if I had to choose to eat one of these three monstrosities it would be the "3 Dog Night". Three hot dogs/sausages shouldn't kill you as quickly as a monster burger would.

Of course, I'm old enough to remember when the most exotic ballpark foods were nachos and the "Dome Dog" at the Astrodome.

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