Travis Braun, of Ovalo (just outside of Abilene), is a finalist in the Doritos ‘Crash the Super Bowl’ commercial contest. If those words sound familiar, it's because Travis was a finalist in last year's contest as well.

Travis and his co-writer/director, Jacob Chase, are vying for the grand prize of $1 million for winning this contest. The winning commercial will also air during Super Bowl 50.

For many, the commercials are the best part about the Super Bowl broadcast. So yes, this is a very big deal for Travis, Jacob, and all of Texas.

Travis and Jacob produced this commercial on and extremely small budget. Best of all, the three dogs they used were all rescues.

Jacob and Travis hope to show the world just how talented, smart, and loving rescue dogs can be. []

Last year Travis was a finalist. Let's help Travis become a Super Bowl champion (of sorts) this year!

You can vote once per day, per device. Voting ends on January 31st.

Good Luck Travis and Jacob!

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