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One of the best policies to come out of the pandemic in Texas, restaurants being able to sell alcohol to-go, is now state law. Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed alcohol to-go into law this week after the legislation passed the House and Senate quickly.

Alcohol to-go came about during the pandemic when bars and restaurants were either shut down or limited in capacity. According to the Dallas Morning News, the idea behind alcohol to-go was to help restaurants make money when many were doing take out only.

Abbott didn’t raise a glass to celebrate, but did give a wide grin as colleagues cheered the new law. It’s effective immediately.

The effort was designed to help struggling Texas restaurants recoup sales during the coronavirus pandemic. Selling alcohol for off-premise consumption — via pickup or delivery — afforded restaurants a new stream of revenue atm a time when some had lost more than 50% of their business due to dining room shutdowns and, later, occupancy restrictions.

The common-sense piece of legislation received bi-partisan support in the legislature and I'm glad the Governor has signed alcohol to-go. It will continue helping our restaurants and become an added source of revenue for years to come.

It also serves as a reminder that not all restrictions that are currently on the books are necessary for the State to survive. There were a number of regulations waved by the Governor during the pandemic, including alcohol to-go that made life easier for everyone and they didn't have any negative impacts on the economy or life. As the Governor said this week, it's a great day to be in Texas!

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