Slaton is a community right outside of Lubbock, and one of the restaurants there is having a 'when it rains, it pours' moment and needs the communities help.

It all started back on May 17th when Pitforks and Smokerings BBQ posted that the West Texas wind took off their roof, it took out their gas and power as well. So due to that, they had to close for a couple of days.

They finally got to open back up and pushed through all the problems. Then, they posted on May 24th, 2022 that they will be closing again due to flooding of their floors.

That's when someone stepped up to get the community to help out Ashley and Isaac at Pitforks and Smokerings.

According to the GoFundMe, this is what Pitforks and Smokerings BBQ said:

"As many of you already know, Mother Nature was not nice to them last week and they have had to close temporarily. The winds ripped off part of their roof and they lost electricity and gas. Then another storm blew through and caused flooding inside part of the building. They have lost supplies and are in need of repairs to the building, which insurance will not pay for, in order to reopen.

If you are a handyman and could help them out, that would be great! If you are in a position to help them financially, that would be a tremendous help.
Ashley and Isaac are good people, that cook some awesome BBQ! Please help any way you can, prayers included!"
The last update they have given is that their new roof is coming and they have power and gas to the restaurant side, just not the garage side.

They took to Facebook saying: "Water damage is no joke! Isaac is in the process of removing sheetrock. We are trying to be as functional as we can to open. The repairs on the garage side will take a little while to complete.  We are hopeful to open the restaurant side as soon as possible. We want to thank you all so much for donating, lending a helping hand, sharing our posts, and the overwhelming amount of support we have received from you all."
So hopefully we will all get to enjoy their food once again starting on Thursday.
If you would like to help, you can donate to their GoFundMe page. They have currently raised $3,485 raised of their $10,000 goal. If you don't want to send money enjoy their food there. You can also use their Venmo set up which is @pitforksbbq.

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