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Christmas is on its way and there are so many different ways to prepare for the holidays. Some people love decorating, some love baking, and others love crafting for the holidays. If you are like me and enjoy all three, then this simply craft is a great time for you and the family.  

If you have a few best, a couple of kids, or simply want to document this year’s Christmas on your own, everyone can make these salt dough ornaments. You can make hand prints or paw prints for each member of the family, decorate as desired, and then hang them up on the tree.  

All you have to do to make the dough is combine four cups of flour, one cup of table salt, and one and a half cups of water. Kneed all of that into a dough until soft and uniform, and then roll it out to about ½ an inch thick. Then you will cut out your desired ornament size, press your hand or your pet’s paw into the dough to make an imprint, poke a hole for a string of hook, and bake your dough at 250 until firm between 90 minutes to two hours.  

Once the ornaments are baked and cooled, you can start decorating your prints. Use whatever you’d like (paint, glitter, markers) to make a beautiful design, and then string them up onto the tree. You can add names, dates, or anything else to document when they were made, and even make it a tradition to see how much your kids have grown each year.  

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