"You can't stop them, you can only hope to contain them." -- Every ESPN SportsCenter Anchor in the '90s

That's how it's starting to feel here in the Hub City. After seeing my very first indication of the impending arrival of the invaders from the planet Circle K at the corner of 130th and Indiana, it now appears that no less than six locations of the convenience store juggernaut are primed to open their doors here on the South Plains.

After we were first alerted to the fact that Circle K was expanding its nationwide footprint into West Texas, sharp-eyed residents began to report new sign sightings, indicating that ground was about to be broken for yet another location. Most noticeably at the site of the former Texas Land and Cattle restaurant at Indiana and the South Loop. Although in most places, all that's in place is simply the "coming soon" sign, with no construction activity to be seen, except for the 130th and Indiana spot.

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However, as recently as yesterday while driving down Milwaukee Avenue, I personally spotted three more signs that appeared to pop up out of nowhere: 34th and Milwaukee, 66th and Milwaukee and I think it was 114th and Milwaukee, but I could be mistaken. Another keen-eyed confidante also mentioned that it appears that a sign is up near Slide Road and the North Loop.

One would assume that this is only the beginning and that there could be several more Circle K stores that have yet to stake their claim on a vacant lot near you.

That said, that's a lot of locations to develop all at once locally. The good news is that there will definitely be some job opportunities once they get set to open across the region.

Of course, there's no guarantee that the Wyld Stallyns will appear at any of the openings. But stranger things have been afoot at the Circle K.

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