One of my favorite activities, when I'm bored, is to type a couple of words into Google and see what the most common searches are based on the autocomplete feature. You might be also familiar with WIRED's YouTube series where they have celebrities answer questions about themselves based on google searches.

I decided to do something similar, but with some of the most searched questions about Lubbock, Texas. Some of these questions might seem silly to those of us that are familiar with Lubbock, but there are also some questions that even some Lubbock residents might not know the answer to.

Here are 14 of the most commonly asked questions about Lubbock according to Google's autocomplete:

14 of the Most Googled Questions About Lubbock, Texas

Here are some of the most common questions asked about Lubbock, according to Google search's autocomplete, along with some answers.

14 Questions People From Lubbock Are Tired of Hearing

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