July 2, 2012 was a busy day in Aggieland. One day into their new membership with the Southeastern Conference, Texas A&M released a welcome video to other 13 schools in the SEC.  The video is cringe worthy on many accounts, including the tentative chants from A&M students for the other schools.

At first, I thought the video was a joke, but then the bow-tied one, A&M President R. Bowen Loftin makes an appearance. You can watch it here:

Yesterday, was also a busy day for SportsRadio 1340 The Fan as side trip to College Station became an impromptu chance to inspect Kyle Field for any traces of leftover Big 12 logos. Entering the foreign land of the SEC was not a task to be taken lightly.

The first thing I noticed as I arrived to Kyle Field was the SEC logo front and center with the clock on the outside of the stadium. The maroon Texas A&M wrap around the practice fields also prominently featured the SEC logo.

Then it became time to try to find out the condition of the playing surface at Kyle Field. Were there any logos on there? Did the Aggies have Kyle Field branded with SEC logos?

After making my way through some people and a golf cart I came upon a locked gate through one ramp in the stadium underneath The Zone. You can see the view of the stadium through the gate in the photo gallery.

Stymied but not in a position to give up that easily, I exited the stadium and made my way around the exterior of Kyle Field to the other end zone.

The gate at the other end was... open and there it was: open access to the playing surface at Kyle Field! The mowers had finished up and there were workers in the lower level. As you'll see from the photos, it looks like something was removed or killing the grass because there was a big yellow spot close to the sideline.

Something surprising was that there were no SEC logos within the stadium. Not on the field, and not on the concourse. I would have figured there would be something up by now.


In addition to the photo gallery, you can also listen to the "play-by-play" of our incursion into enemy territory in the audio player below.