Matt Ryan had a dominating performance against the Jacksonville Jaguars as the Atlanta Falcons pounded the Jags 41-14. Ryan completed 19 of his 26 passes for 224 yards and three touchdowns for a season-high 137.3 quarterback rating. The 9-5 Falcons strengthened their hold on an NFC wild card, and clinching another above .500 season. It seems however a better than .500 season is no longer good enough for the Falcons.

Scott Cunningham/Stringer

Coach Mike Smith was quoted as saying, "Our expectations are much higher than winning seasons," and that "I'm glad we've been able to accomplish that as an organization and a football team. But believe me, it's not one of those expectations we really want to talk about. If we're where we think we are as an organization and a football team, that's expected each and every year."

It seems the Falcons are going Super Bowl or bust, and if they continue to play like they did last night, a Super Bowl may well be in their future.

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