There are 3 more weeks in the NFL season and the Dallas Cowboys have 4 wins. That's 4-9 for those of you counting along at home. Much can be attributed to the fragile collar bone of Tony Romo, but you cannot blame him for his bones breaking. You cannot blame Jerry Jones for that either.

You can blame Jerry Jones for the state of the team. Right? The depth offensively is incredibly weak. Brandon Weeden was never meant to be a viable starter for the Cowboys. Romo had played through punctured lungs that were only punctured by broken ribs. He survived multiple back surgeries to lead the Cowboys to the best season of his career. Romo was invincible. Until he wasn't.

Not only is the quarterback position thin, the wide receiver core has been terrible this season. Even a healthy Dez Bryant is leaping instead of catching touchdowns. Terrance Williams and Cole Beasley have not been close to who they were last year. Lucky Whitehead is the 4th option. The only depth the Cowboys have is at the offensive line.

Is the lack of production on Jerry Jones? He went and signed his Arkansas buddy Darren McFadden, who has been a bright spot, but can he really be blamed for Matt Cassel's incompetence? The players still have to play. Is it your bosses fault you are bad at your job?

At some point the offense just has to perform. That's on the players.

How much of the Cowboys' 2014 offensive prowess in play calling was Tony Romo adjustments at the line of scrimmage. Bill Callahan left but that couldn't have been the difference. He was a part of the 2013 fiasco that was even more frustrating offensively, he actually got demoted from play caller for how dismal he was.

The head coach also owns a fair amount of blame. I don't even know how to address Jason Garrett. He's always been at the top of my list to blame. But, is it his fault that he's still the head coach? That question might be unfair. It's easy to turn everything back to Jerry Jones.

The head coach sucks! It's Jerry's fault.

The back up quarter back can't complete a pass further than 10 yards? It's Jerry's fault.

The best running back in the NFL got greedy this offseason and signed a bigger contract than what was offered to him to stay in Dallas? It's Jerry's fault.

It's raining at Lambeau Field? Dammit Jerry!

It's a cop out. At some point the people Jerry has hired have to perform.

That being said, I wouldn't have hired Jason Garrett in the first place, but I'm also not a billionaire that has 3 super bowl rings.

So, is it Jerry? Jason? Or the Cassel / Weeden experience. Let us know what you think.

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