I wonder if this has anything to do with our article the other day? Probably not, but we're all patting ourselves on the back here just in case.

It looks like the E-Z Mart on 34th Street that hasn't had gas in a million years is finally back on its feet, with some brand new gas pumps installed. Hooray!

You can all send your flowers and congratulations to the station. We did it, guys! Well, we probably didn't, but we'll take whatever credit anyone wants to give us, any time, day or night. Don't be shy.

Several months ago, we wrote another article about two cars that were dangerously abandoned on The Loop. One day later, guess what? The cars were gone! Coincidence? Once again, we don't know., but we'll take that high-five.

Oh, and let's not forget about the time when we posted photos of tons of weeds along Loop 289 that were well over 6 feet tall and wrote a scathing article about whomever is supposed to be taking care of that situation. Guess what happened next? Those bad boys got cut the hell down the very next day.

Were we responsible for that? You guessed it...probably not. But we do wonder from time to time if we might be local superheroes.

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It just goes to show that 94.5 FMX does truly care about Lubbock. We may write some salty articles about things around town that get on our nerves, but we always have Lubbock in mind. Whether we're all coming together to talk crap about LP&L or complain about local jaywalkers being arrested, we're in this for the greater good.

See something? Say something...to FMX. Maybe we can help straighten it out. Doesn't hurt to try.

I'll be stopping by for gas at E-Z Mart to celebrate. I might even buy a skin and a 40oz. Who knows? Let's get litty, my kitties!

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