We all know about the Texas Tech Tortilla tradition. If you don't, you can peruse here, or read about how a Texas Longhorn put a tortilla from the field in his mouth, or how this sideline reporter picked one up with her bare hand. There's even an urban legend that a special song plays when you slap a tortilla down on a record player.

Though the Texas Tech administration has a spotty history with the tortilla tradition, even trying to ban them, they are now embracing the outlaw nature and passing out rally towels emblazoned with the crest of the Red Raider faithful, calling it a "Tortilla Towel."

I love it. You can see them here:

They are just handing them out to the students. That's the only drawback, but maybe this can be turned into a thing. Texas Tech does love new traditions. These are also cool enough you won't want to throw them onto the field. However, Texas Tech fans are not limited to throwing only tortillas on the field.

Another bonus, but only for students again: The Texas Tech Athletics Department is also serving breakfast inside of a tortilla.

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