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Everyone Is Buying Patrick Mahomes Gear
Patrick Mahomes is now, officially, the 5th most popular player in the NFL. It might not be the most accurate metric, but who the people are spending their money on is a pretty solid one.
Mahomes sold the 5th most NFL sanctioned merchandise, according to the NFLPA, who released the list this week...
Twitter Reacts to Texas Tech Getting to the Final Four
When a cultural event takes place, I immediately go to Twitter to see the reactions. Last night, Texas Tech men's basketball's first-ever Final Four berth was a cultural event. Twitter did not disappoint.
We'll start with the man himself, Head Coach Chris Beard:
Then, let's go to one of the most popul…
Patrick Mahomes Can Still Throw Strikes
Lubbock fans and East Texas Natives know Patrick Mahomes was a baseball player. His run at Texas Tech with Tim Tadlock's team didn't do him justice as the cards were already falling toward his football career.
Mahomes is a legend on the mound in Whitehouse, Texas where the legend is growing…
Patrick Mahomes Is Raking in the Endorsement Deals
After a record-breaking first season, reigning NFL MVP Patrick Mahomes is making good use of his first offseason of fame. The local car commercials. He's got his own brand now. He's doing Call of Duty videos. He's got a ketchup endorsement...

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