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The Rob Breaux Show’s Big 12 Preview: Kansas State
HC: Chris Klieman OC: Courtney Messingham DC: Scottie Halzeton 
2018 RECORD - 5-7 
Most Likely 2019 RECORD - 5-7
Kansas State is a bit of a conundrum in 2019. On one hand, they are having to replace the only head coach to be successful in Manhattan...
The Rob Breaux Show’s Big 12 Preview: Texas Tech
HC: Matt Wells OC: David Yost DC: Keith Patterson
2018 RECORD - 5-7
Most Likely 2019 Record - 7-5
Texas Tech got a brand new coaching staff this offseason. It was the scarlet wedding in Lubbock with Coach Wells not retaining any assistant coaches from the Kingsbury regime...
10 Things I learned About the Big 12 by Picking Every Big 12 Game
As I was preparing for the football season this week I could not get a handle on what I thought about the Big 12. On one hand, I saw West Virginia winning 10 games and Oklahoma dropping back without the NFL talent they lost last season. On the other hand, Oklahoma reloads instead of rebuilding so it…