Finally, after nearly 30 years, the Miami Dolphins have used their first round draft pick on a quarterback.

Ryan Tannehill, out of Texas A&M, became the first quarterback drafted in the first round by the Dolphins since Dan Marino back in 1983. Dolphins fans are hoping that Tannehill is just as good as Marino.

Tannehill, too many at least, seems like a huge stretch for the number 8 overall pick. Tannehill only started 19 games in his college career. His first, and only complete season as a starter ended in disaster for Texas A&M considering the expectations they had going into the season. The Dolphins had to have seen something in him, the question is, what?

No doubt Tannehill is a great athlete. Before he took the reigns at quarterback for the Ags, Tannehill was one of the best receivers on the team, and most likely one of their best athletes. Will those skills transfer to the NFL?

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