The coronavirus pandemic and the restrictions put into place by elected officials are causing more and more restaurants to reach the brink across Texas and here at home in Lubbock.

Earlier on Wednesday, Teresa Stephens, owner of Cast Iron Grill took to Facebook to explain how dire the situation is for their business. The owners didn't say how long they have left, but admitted that the situation is dire:

I have no words , I have never felt this way ..... the only reason we are still here today is because I just can't let it go , I love this place , I love the people in this place , I love the JOY in this place but that doesn't keep the doors open ..... this virus is closing my restaurant slowly and it is grueling!

Cast Iron Grill has been open in Lubbock for 13 years and they're now facing the same threat as other small businesses and restaurants in Lubbock. Not due to bad food or bad service, but due to the pandemic and restrictions that have been put into place by the state's government.

In her post, Stephens warned that many restaurants are on the brink of closing and asked that customers purchase take out and gift cards from their favorite local restaurants.


Cast Iron Grill is at least the second Lubbock restaurant to take to social media this week to warn about their future. The owners of Now We Taco'N posted on Facebook warning their business could go under soon.

On Tuesday, the Texas Restaurant Association released a survey claiming that more than 10,000 restaurants in the state have closed since the coronavirus pandemic started, and that 30 percent of owners say it's unlikely that their restaurant will still be in business in six months without additional relief packages.

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