I've never heard of a Lubbock restaurant remembered quite as fondly as Home Cafe.

Gone since 2012, many still crave those homestyle flavors. Here's the thing: Home Cafe never died; it simply evolved into The Crafthouse Gastropub (3131 34th Street).

It's still owned and operated by the amazing Diehl duo, Jason and Kate, who are both creative and highly-skilled chefs. Crafthouse Gastropub features a seasonal menu that's supplemented by daily specials. The food is simply sublime, and the cocktails delicious, elevated even.

If you long for those Home Cafe flavors of yesteryear, you're in luck. Crafthouse is now doing Home Cafe favorites as their daily specials. The chicken pot pie is so gorgeous it makes me tear up a little. (Why yes, I AM a Taurus!  How did you know?)

Of course, you can still dine on Crafthouse's winter menu, featuring the Smokehouse Benny, the Roasted Butternut Squash Soup, and other cozy and classy dishes that are available daily.

These Home Cafe favorites will rotate in availability daily. You may want to get there early, though; I heard the meatloaf has sold out each time.

This is an aside, but I do want to mention the best donuts in Lubbock. They are at, you guessed it, Crafthouse Gastropub, but are only available for Sunday brunch. They're simply the best donuts I've ever had. They, too, sell out quickly, so I suggest reserving them in advance. 

Here are some mouth-watering photos that are sure to spark some very happy memories for quite a few Lubbockites:

5 Favorites From Lubbock's Home Cafe

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