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Severe weather season is in full swing on the South Plains. Last week, Lubbock dodged a scary looking storm that could have dropped a tornado over the city. Since then, we have seen a good number of days filled with rain and hail in some places across the area.

Take yesterday for example, storms started rolling into the Lubbock area late in the afternoon. After 8 p.m. the city of Lubbock finally got in on the action with a tremendous amount of rain that led some areas to flood. I know at one point we had standing water in our backyard last night.

Spring thunderstorms are welcome and needed around the South Plains and thunderstorms that are non-severe are great to fall asleep to as I fully admit to doing last night.

The good news? We aren't done with the rain just yet. According to a tweet from the National Weather Service, Lubbock and the surrounding area could see more thunderstorms later this afternoon and evening.

According to the National Weather Service,

Isolated severe t-storms may affect the South Plains, Rolling Plains, and southern TX Panhandle late this afternoon and evening. Damaging wind gusts, large hail, and torrential rainfall will accompany the strongest activity.

KAMC has our area with a 20% chance of rain each day through Friday in their forecast and we could use all the rain we can get right now as our area is still is in a drought and we have been dry most of the year.

And I'll take all the late night storms we can get. It makes falling asleep so much better.

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