What a surprise! Apparently lost, these two roosters were spotted out for a stroll yesterday afternoon, just moseying across a front lawn in the neighborhood by Clapp Park.

They were not aggressive or agitated, and were close enough for a good picture. It's a sweet moment, these two are quite charming. Two well groomed beautiful roosters, just out for a walk around the neighborhood, how unexpected!

Where did they come from? How did they get here? Unfortunately, they're not supposed to be here! Roosters are actually not allowed in city limits, we learned with a little research (although chickens were ok'd in 2015). The ruling is somewhat understandable, roosters can of course make some noise and even be aggressive on occasion.

If you spot these two roosters, (or hear them crowing at dawn) the best thing to do is call Lubbock Animal Services at 1-806-775-2057, so they have a chance to be re-homed!

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