One thing is for sure in Texas, we all have to work.

There's plenty of jobs offered to those in the Lone Star State. With so many different ways to work, you're bound to find somebody in an occupation you've never heard of. It could potentially also make you jealous it if's something rather luxurious.

However, there's always going to be a be a job that is highly sought after. Whether it be due to the job being fun, or the pay being very high. Whatever the reason, many are going to chase after that said job.

This is no different in Texas, where one job is highly sought after by many. But what could it be exactly?

The Most Coveted Job In The Lone Star State Is...?

To find out, Hosting Advice polled residents of the United States to find out. So what could it be? It probably has to be something high paying right?

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According to Hosting Advice, the top job wanted by most of the individuals questioned was Wildlife Photographer. But that is the overall choice, what about the state's choice? Well thankfully, the website narrowed it down for us.

As it turns out, Texas residents really want to be...chocolatiers! Which to be honest, that wasn't what we were expecting. We thought Cowboy would be a the top of the list to be honest.

But the idea of making chocolate for many to enjoy must be very tempting to say the least. Now we're hungry!

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