Back in January, a fight broke out at a Walmart in Amarillo off Grand St. That fight carried over into a neighborhood where two different shootings took place in relation to the fight.

The first shooting happened on the 800 block of N. Highland, where a 23-year-old ultimately lost their life. The second shooting occurred an hour or so later in the 800 block of N. Apache. That person was in critical condition as they transported them.

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The suspects in the shootings managed to get away and not be found for awhile. Well, their run has officially come to an end as police have tracked down two suspects and placed them in custody.

Isaac Arthur Botello, 22, and Jorge Fabian Cabello, 22 have both been apprehended in connection with the fight and shootings that occurred and have been charged accordingly.

Both Botello and Cabello have been charged individually with murder, while Cabello also carries a charge of aggravated perjury. The aggravated perjury charge was a new one for me. There is a difference between perjury and aggravated perjury.

Aggravated perjury occurs when the perjury is committed during an official proceeding. Something like a trial would be considered an official proceeding. Perjury being committed is something more along the lines of a police interview.

These two are now waiting arraignment and a date will be set for their respective trials. Both men are being held at Potter County Jail awaiting arraignment. We will update as we get more information on trial date.

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