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Good news for those with cars, trucks, and SUV's in Lubbock. While it may not seem like it in the Hub City, according to Lubbock Police records, vehicle burglaries are actually down.

KAMC analyzed data from the Lubbock Police Department on vehicle burglaries to find out when most vehicles are broken into, where they are broken into, and on which days vehicles are most broken into.

According to KAMC, through March of 2023, 300 vehicles had been broken into in Lubbock, which again, sounds high, but compared to previous years we are actually down when it comes to vehicle burglaries.

While that number might seem high to some residents, it actually represents an overall reduction over the last five years. The report data from 2019 to the early portion of 2023.

The data showed 2019 was the highest in the last five years with 2,313 vehicle burglaries. The year 2020 had a little over 1,600 while 2022 had 1,881 burglaries. However, the reported number of burglaries had a dramatic decrease in 2021 with less than a thousand.

According to KAMC, most vehicle burglaries occur on Fridays and Saturdays between 11:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. and most happen at college housing apartment complexes.

One of the biggest concerns, for years, has been the number of firearms stolen from vehicles. According to KAMC and the Lubbock Police Department. More than 1,668 guns have been stolen from vehicles in Lubbock in the last four years. 80 alone were stolen in February of 2023.

Please, lock up your guns and don't leave them outside overnight. Responsible gun ownership means knowing where your firearms are and making sure they are secure.

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