On Friday, July 5, Hurricane Beryl made landfall as a dangerous category 2 hurricane. Beryl made landfall in Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula just south of Cancun early Friday morning bringing rain and storm surge with it according to Accuweather.

After hitting the Yucatan Peninsula, where will Beryl go next? Texas or Mexico? The latest cone shows Beryl has its sights set on Texas.

Hurricane Beryl Could Make Landfall in Texas as Early as Sunday Evening

Projections show that Hurricane Beryl will weaken after passing over the Yucatan Peninsula and will emerge as a Tropical Storm when it moves into the Gulf of Mexico. While Beryl has lost power, down from what was once a Category 5 Hurricane, it can and will still bring a lot of rain and the possibility of dangerous storm surges.

According to Accuweather, they believe Hurricane Beryl will make landfall in southern Texas or northern Mexico Sunday evening or early Monday morning. That is as of this writing on Friday morning. The storm could still track north or south, but its track has been moving it towards the Texas coast for the last couple of days.

Will Beryl Be a Hurricane or Tropical Storm When It Makes Landfall?


NOAA and is predicting the Beryl will strengthen over the Gulf of Mexico and become a Category 1 or 2 by the time it makes landfall as the Texas Storm Chasers point out. Texans should prepare rain, storm surge, and wind. From there it will weaken into a Tropical Depression as it moves further into Texas bringing rain to the Rio Grande Valley, Central Texas, and possibly North-Central Texas.

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