If you lived in Texas during February of 2021, then you remember the brutal winter storm that caused the power grid to fail. This storm led to the deaths of 246 people, with causes ranging from hypothermia to carbon monoxide poisoning.

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With the polar vortex opening back up and crazy cold temperatures coming to Texas later this week, it is time to prepare for another potential grid failure. TikToker Coyote Annie survived the grid failure of 2021 and is currently posting a series of videos with tips and tricks to help you survive in the case of another winter emergency.

From gathering supplies to keeping warm, there are multiple important things to keep in mind when threatened with a winter emergency. Starting with what supplies you should gather, here is her video about what you supplies can find at the Dollar Tree.

The next important video she posted is about how to keep yourself warm if your home loses power.

Something not many people think about, but is still important to know, is how to stay safe in your car. This is important especially if you get stranded in your vehicle during a winter storm.

Hopefully, this is all helpful information that can keep you and your loved ones safer this winter in case the worst happens once again. The best case is that the grid doesn’t fail and we are left saying it was better to be safe than sorry.

Stay safe and stay warm.

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