One thing every Texan wants to do during the summer is be in the water. The blazing southern heat is brutal to go through, so being in the water is one of the few ways to have fun without overheating.

If you don’t have your own pool, then the best options are usually going to the lake, floating the river, or checking out your nearest water park.

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There are a great variety of water parks all around the Lone Star state, but some definitely stand out from others. We have huge parks with dozens of rides and one of the biggest indoor water parks in the USA, but there is one park in particular that is totally bucket list worthy.

Waterloo Adventures is located in Leander, Texas and is a unique experience that includes:

“Free parking, shuttle & boat transportation to and from Adventure Island, Unlimited access to 5 GIANT stand-alone water attractions, all lakefront recreations, and a 50-minute time slot on the 600 foot pulse-pounding challenge course track.

Complimentary Amenities include- Resort style chaise loungers and umbrellas, floating picnic tables, free lockers, hammocks, beach games & more!”

Unfortunately, due to low water levels at the lake, the floating park is not open for the 2024 season, but hopefully it will be back up and running in 2025. If anything, this just gives you more time to anticipate how fun it will be when you finally get to cross it off your bucket list.

Keep scrolling to take a look at what the park is like.

The Floating Water Park in Texas

This has to be on your Texas summertime bucket list:

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