We all know Texans love their Whataburger and will fight anyone over their belief that it is the best fast-food burger out there. So, what happens when a legendary YouTuber disses all of Texas for this belief?

I’ve been a big fan of the YouTube show Good Mythical Morning for years now, so of course, I always stay up to date with their new videos. In their latest post where they determine what the general public thinks about popular fast food fries, burgers, and mascots, things got a little interesting.

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After discovering that Burger King was voted to have the worst french fries out of their lineup, they moved on to the burgers. They started with Jack in the Box, then Burger King, getting to In-N-Out next.

Before even taking a bite, Rhett says, “Nobody hates this, unless you’re from Texas and confused and think that Whataburger is better.”

Of course, no Texan will let a comment like that slide, and I immediately knew there would be some upset people in the comments. So, I went to the comment section and immediately found that @maestromelnick commented, “I may be a Texan who doesn't think Whataburger is the holy grail of fast food, but I am UPSET with Rhett.”

For anyone that isn’t familiar with Rhett and Link, you might assume they are just California boys that would default to picking In-N-Out. While they do currently live in California, they actually grew up in North Carolina. So, they don’t necessarily have a predisposition for the California burger chain.

Either way, I found it funny that Rhett mentioned it because I knew so many Texans would get heated over someone dissing Whataburger so openly. Obviously, he said it to be funny, but there is definitely some truth mixed in there.

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