Summer will be here before you know it, which means that the mosquitos will be coming out in full force, ready to drink up that sweet Lubbock blood.

There are a variety of solutions for these little pests, like mosquito traps, bug repellant, or citronella candles. But these can all get expensive or just be a hassle to keep up with. So, what if there was something you could use that is multifunctional, easy, and replaces an everyday product you already use?

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If that sounds good to you, then you should try citronella soap.

I first learned about this online and it seems like a great idea. It wont leave you sticky like bug spray, it has the same properties of a citronella candle to repel mosquitos, and it simply replaces your normal body wash.

This could also be great to try if you are allergic to bug spray, or it tends to not work very well for you. Or, if you want extra protection and are okay with the spray, you can use the soda and the spray for more repelling abilities.

I also think the soap could be good to use on the plants in your yard if you have a big mosquito problem. Soap is often mixed with water and sprayed onto plants as a form of insecticide, and the citronella soap old potentially help keep the mosquitos at bay without using harsher methods.

You can find this soap most often in bar form from popular retailers like Walmart and Amazon.

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