It’s hard to believe this really happened. 

But I’m going to take Deathcore Chef’s word for it. He starts the video by saying “real talk” and I don’t have any reason to believe he’s not being sincere. 

Seriously, though. My first thought was that since he’s a chef, he probably works there. I figured they were closed for cleaning or something, and he decided to have some fun with us. However, it seems legit.

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In what has to be the most random coincidence of all time, a professional chef walked into an IHOP here in Texas that didn’t have one single employee or customer inside. So, he decided to go ahead and cook himself some breakfast. 

He says he expected an employee to show up at some point and figured the worst that could happen would be for them to kick him out, but no one ever showed up. The chef even hung out for about an hour after he ate and there still wasn’t an employee in sight. 

Personally, I would have been paranoid as hell. Not about cooking my own meal in their kitchen. I would have suspected some sort of foul play was afoot and would have left the building ASAP. 

The crazy thing is that several people commenting on the video claim that they have walked into an empty IHOP also. So, it must be an IHOP thing for everyone to just get up and leave during their shift. 

Anyway, yes, he’s guilty of petty theft (and possibly trespassing for being in the kitchen), but at least he threw the video out there for the world to see and even tagged IHOP in it. I would love to hear what they have to say about it.

@deathcorechef Just send me the bill @IHOP I didn’t have access to the POS system ‍♂️ #fyp #deathcorechef #culinary #chef #veteran ♬ original sound - Deathcore Chef

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