If you tuned in to the Dallas Stars game seven on Sunday, you might have been a little distracted by this lady behind the bench.

Dallas Stars Advance to the Second Round of the Playoffs

Yesterday, I had the pleasure to witness the Dallas Stars advancing to the next round of the Stanley Cup playoffs. I have been at several elimination games where I walk out of the AAC extremely depressed. Yesterday was thankfully not one of those days. Got to take my girlfriend to her first Stars playoff game and thankfully she is 1-0.

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Hulk hand, giant hat, and be thankful you don't see the Dallas Stars pants I am rocking (not joking). My girlfriend kept telling me she was the good luck charm as to why the Dallas Stars won on Sunday, I'll go with it. However, when I got up this morning. A lot of folks were saying it was for another reason.

Viral Bench Girl is Back Baby!

In case you're new to Dallas Stars playoff hockey, we're known for having viral fans on the glass. Bang guy and Miss Cleavage I will call her? If anyone has a better nickname, feel free to let me know. You see, fans tuning into the Stars playoff games have been distracted by her for years now.

Seriously, She Is Our Good Luck Charm

I don't know what her actual record is, but I feel like the Stars tend to play better when she is in attendance. She always causes quite the reaction online when she is at a game and Sunday was no different.

Who Is This Lady?

Her name is Natalie Gauvreau and she has quite the social media presence if you're interested. She enjoys making Tik Toks at the Stars game and I'm not sure why she hasn't been at any of the games yet in the series. When the boys needed that extra motivation in a win or go home scenario. She showed up like Thor in Infinity War to save the day. I don't give a damn how the Stars win, but if Natalie is what does it. Give her free playoff tickets for life.

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Probably going to get s*** from my girlfriend for writing this blog today, but Stars win game seven. So nothing can bring me down.

Natalie's Tik Tok from Last Night's Game

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