Summer, Man.

In Lubbock, it can be dreary. Long dusty days with hot and dry nights. The college kids are mostly gone so the nightlife is just diehard or bored townies haunting bar stools. On the electric jukebox, someone has bought the next ten songs- and they are all the most painful, played out, and obvious choices imaginable.

Can anyone fix this Summer Bummer?

The Emo Night Tour Can, so get your Summer Hair ready.

The Emo Night Tour last visited Lubbock in late April, but they are swinging back by to enliven our Summer nightlife on Thursday, July 13th. If you've never been to an Emo Night, it's truly something special and something different. It's a big party with all your favorite sing-along emo songs, hype guys, dancing, and surprises. A curated party, if you will. And they religiously post fantastic crowd photos so dress to impress.

Bands you'll hear will likely include Taking Back Sunday, Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco, My Chemical Romance, and more.

Tickets are available through StubWire and start as low as $15.00 (about $20 after fees and shipping). So for about what you'd spend to go to the movies, you can experience a fully interactive live event. That's worth sharpening your black pencil eyeliner for.

FYI- this is an 18+ event. Although it does warm my heart to think there may be babies under 18 who are disappointed to miss hearing MCR at Jake's Backroom (50th & Slide).

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