Texans love pickles and we LOVE to eat them in the movie theater right alongside our popcorn. It's not something I've really given much thought to, in fact, I pretty much assumed for my entire life that movie theaters across the United States sold pickles for you to enjoy during a film. But, it turns out, we are the only ones that go crazy for pickles at the movies.

So, what's the deal with us eating them at the theater?

According to a recent article by KXAN, pickles in the theater tie back to settlers that came in from Germany in the late 1850s. Roughly 5% of our population was German at that time. Movie theater patrons back in Germany often brought in various snacks to eat at the theater, including bread, pickles, mustard, knackwurst, and other similar items. This might be the reason pickles became so popular here.

For some reason, the German influence and theater-pickle-snacking didn't seem to carry over to the other states the same way that it did in Texas. I think it's definitely something everyone should adopt.

Who doesn't love a big sour pickle and a bucket of salty popcorn!? It's a fantastic combo. In fact, Texans like that combo so much that several of the local elementary schools when I was growing up had "Popcorn and Pickle Fridays" for the kids at school. I remember making sure to grab 50 cents from my mom for a Friday snack when I was growing up in Lubbock.

Anybody else craving a pickle? Mmm...

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