The hits keep coming right?

Texas Tech has apparently declined an invitation to compete in the N.I.T. tournament. This means the season is over, it's done, it's in the books and that's it. This is quite a disappointment to many Red Raider fans, but I think it might have been just too hard to put a team on the court.

Why would players risk their health, or even their reputations playing for the team right now? I say this not knowing who made the final determination not to play but at this point, it doesn't really seem to matter. It appears everyone is "over" this season and ready to move on.

Putting a bow tie on the Mark Adams era is the coach's payout, reported to be a little over four million dollars. I'm sure that 66-year-old Adams would rather be coaching his favorite university, but I do believe I could make four million dollars last the rest of my life, so we probably shouldn't worry about him too much.

The plan with Texas Tech is apparently "onward and upward" but I can't even speculate on how the University moves forward at this point. Even though the circumstances that brought us here were specifically focused on Adam's behavior, that's still some tough stuff to outrun.

My only suggestion is that the University 100% focus on someone who can handle business on the court and is incredibly media savvy. Tech is going to need a LOT of good press to overcome this, and any potential wins that help build that kind of thing organically are a long way away.

One last thing. Thank you to the players. Thank you so much for coming to Lubbock, Texas to play ball. We appreciate the sacrifices you made to come to dusty ol' West Texas. We wish all of you future success and we hope that you will remember some of your Lubbock friends and fans as passionate, kind, and appreciative.

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