I totally love Chipotle, and I hate spending money, so I'm always on the lookout for random money-saving hacks on TikTok like the one I found this morning. It's definitely how I will be ordering my steak tacos from now on.

TikTok user @aiyannace shared a really simple way to get a ton of food from Chipotle for only $6, so listen up! This video is super fast and you might not catch it all, so I've added the instructions for you underneath the video to make it a little bit easier on you.

Here's her clever way to get a lot of grub for very little money:

First, order steak tacos from the kid's menu. Before you get all fussy and say "That's not enough food!", just trust me, it is! Chipotle doesn't play around with their kid's menu. Anyway, you order the steak tacos and then you just add an extra tortilla to your order and pick whatever sides you want. She chose steak, but you could do chicken or veggies, or whatever you like the most.

There are a ton of comments below the video from other customers that say they have been ordering this way and it's the best. One lady even mentioned doing it recently and having so much food left over that she made two meals out of it.

So, there you go! Oh, and there's an even better Chipotle hack that will get you an entire meal for less than $5! You can check it out by clicking here.

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