The creepy crawlies are coming out in full force in Texas this summer! It's been predicted that Texas will experience a much warmer summer than average. Unfortunately, it will be the kind of summer that drives bugs to break into your home and enjoy some snacks and a little of that sweet sweet air conditioning.

So, what can you expect to find crawling up your leg at night or perusing through your cabinets for cereal? Experts say you'll likely see an influx of cockroaches, spiders, ants, centipedes, bed bugs, crickets, stink bugs, and silverfish.

The gang's all here! What a fun summer!

Oh, and a bonus? Some parts of Texas are experiencing an all-out invasion of scorpions due to this nutso weather. Fabulous!

To keep the critters at bay, it's recommended to seal up all the cracks and take a look at your weather stripping. It may be time to do repairs.

I feel pretty lucky to live on the 17th floor of a huge building. Bugs haven't figured out how to use the elevator and my windows are completely sealed shut so nobody takes the plunge after a bad Cowboys game. I haven't seen a single bug in there the past two years I've lived there. Fingers crossed that's still the case by the end of summer.

Are you seeing a ton of bugs in your area? Tell me about them in a comment below this article wherever you come across it, and keep scrolling for more Texas news in the galleries below...

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