Prophet Premium Blends has ceased production of its Diamond Shruumz line and has sent out a recall notice for its various candies- cones, gummies, and chocolate bars.

The candies contain a blend of various mushrooms and the hallucinogen 4-ACO-DMT, which when metabolized becomes psilocin, the same chemical that causes hallucinations when Psilocybin (a.k.a "magic") mushrooms are consumed.


Some of the candies also contained high levels of Muscimol, which, "can cause bradycardia, airway narrowing, vomiting, diarrhea, and other cholinergic effects."

Per the FDA, people hospitalized after consuming this product reported symptoms including:

those linked to central nervous system excitation (e.g., seizures, agitation, and involuntary muscle contractions), central nervous system depression (e.g., loss of consciousness, confusion, and sleepiness), gastrointestinal symptoms (e.g., nausea and vomiting), and cardiovascular involvement (e.g., abnormal heart rates and hyper/hypotension).

So far, there have been 39 reported illnesses, 23 hospitalizations, and no deaths. None of the reported illnesses happened in Texas, however, the product was available to Texas online and in some specialty stores.

People who bought the product are urged by the FDA, "to stop using the product, destroy the product, and contact Prophet Premium Blends via phone at (209) 314-0881 or email at with their order number to initiate the refund."

The legality of the product was dubious as well. The Dallas Observer obtained a chocolate bar from a Texas store. The packaging on the bar they bought stated, “Consumption outside of a legal ceremony may be a violation of the law. This product does not contain any scheduled substances and is not illegal to possess."

To which The Dallas Observer astutely asked, "Ok? Which is it?"

Other companies sell legal (?) mushroom candies online, but they may not be trustworthy and as we can see with Diamond Shruumz, they can be dangerous as well.

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