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Long before "the vibe" was an everyday consideration, The Beach Boys made sure everyone was picking up Good Vibrations with their signature surfy sounds and insanely catchy lyrics. The Beach Boys largely defined the sound of the 60s and have literally sold over 100 million records worldwide and have had 37 songs on the Top 40 Billboard charts.

Now, that "California Sound" is making its way to Lubbock's Buddy Holly Hall on Sunday, September 24th.

This performance will feature original members Mike Love (lead vocals and chief lyricist) and the keys/bass/vocals of Bruce Johnson, accompanied by acclaimed musicians Scott Totten, Brian Eichenberger, Christian Love, Tim Bonhomme, John Cowsill, Keith Hubacher, and Randy Leago.

via Buddy Holly Hall
via Buddy Holly Hall

While The Beach Boys may be "before my time" their timeless sound has absolutely moved me- in fact, I cannot hear "God Only Knows" without getting a severe case of misty eyes. Every single time.

Tickets will go on sale Friday, March 24th at 10 a.m. Price range is $59 to $179 plus tax and fees. VIP packages are available through The Beach Boys website.

A word of caution: There are many, many scammy ticket resellers in the world right now. When it's time to buy your tickets, make sure you only use the ticket service that the Buddy Holly Hall website sends you to, do NOT just use the first service that pops up on Google. You will likely overpay for tickets and you could even buy a fake ticket.

Pro-tip: the band's official website is full of really great merch if you want to be perfectly dressed for the occasion.

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