I do believe drag shows and drag performers have been kicked around enough at this point.

Let me let you in on a little something I noticed. Quite often failing bars will turn to two things to prop up their numbers and that's drag shows and comedy shows. These two types of shows always bring people in for a quick burst of energy to a failing scene. I've seen it work over and over again. Sadly, most clubs don't ever want to make a real commitment to these groups allowing everyone to succeed over the long haul.

There is one other thing that a lot of clubs turn to, to prop up slow nights, and it's the menace that we're here today to discuss. It is a gross display that is usually the result of drunken behavior, shenanigans, and embarrassing "what the hell did I do last night?" type regrets.

Yes. I am talking about the evil that is karaoke. 

You see young 'uns, karaoke wasn't always a thing. There used to not be instrumentals of every awful song that's easy to sing along with. I remember actually being on the morning show and reading about this "new fad" in Japan where businessmen would get together in bars and sing. We thought it was the stupidest thing ever, and said, "Go America, where we like REAL music in our bars".

Karaoke is a cheap solution. It costs a couple of hundred dollars, a guy or gal who took second place singing in their high school talent show, and some people who will be yelling "shots, shots, shots" at any particular moment.

Yes, I understand a lot of you like it. I find it to be an embarrassing display of subpar talent.  Maybe I'm jealous because I have zero talent. I will just go on record as saying I personally will u-turn the hell out of any place that has it. Oh, by the way, most drag shows are just karaoke with wigs. So, get over it.

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