We are most likely going to get snow today, so will we survive?

It's weird how we basically get two winter blasts in Lubbock, with this being the second. This blast of cold today, should all predictions come true, should be a bit like a blizzard, and I'm not talking about the delicious Dairy Queen kind (I like the Heath the best). The crazy part about his winter storm is going to be how it's going to be pretty much like a drive-by.

Wintery Mix Of Snow, Ice, And Rain Falls In Washington D.C. Area
Chip Somodevilla, Getty Images

No matter how much it snows, or is snowing if all the models hold true, it should all be gone by your drive home. Now, keep in mind that's the potential for "new" snow, ice, rain, or whatever. You're still going to have to deal with whatever was deposited throughout the day.

Our real problem lies in whatever happens sticking around. The winter blast will leave behind cold temperatures for Wednesday and Thursday (around the low 40's) which won't give us much time to thaw out. The beautiful thing is that Friday is going to come in like a champ with a high of 50 and Saturday will leave a knockout blow to any ice and/or snow with a high of 60.

Ron Jenkins/Getty Images
Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

Now, let's get to the second part of my question, "will we survive?". The answer is simple if you can stay off the roads today you greatly increase the chances of surviving with little to no effort. Lubbock drivers are notorious for reacting badly to poor weather conditions. If this snow really *dumps* on the city, then road crews are going to have a tough time catching up. Be careful out there.

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