I don't know about you guys, but a guilty pleasure of mine is scrolling through the drama on the popular local Facebook page, Lubbock County Mugshots. Most of the page is devoted to mugshots and a little public shaming for DUIs and such, but sometimes, the page is utilized to track down bad guys.

One man, in particular, has been the subject of countless posts for the past few weeks...

They say he's pretty much burned every bar in town, and business owners are fed up. It seems like his MO is to go out drinking, run up an insanely high tab, hand over a credit card that doesn't work, and then dip out before anyone notices. Sometimes, he even has a few accomplices.

This guy is so bold (or stupid) that he's given out credit cards with his actual name on them.

At this point, I can't decide if he's the most hated man in town or a new celebrity. Some commenters seem to think he's badass and even encourage him to walk tabs.

It looks like he finally ended up in jail yesterday, but I'm betting it's only a matter of time before he strikes again.

Check out some tea on this hooligan that nobody can get enough of:

Bro, God don't like stealing. The audacity is astounding.

He still hangs out on the Lubbock County Mugshots page, too. He trolls the comment sections and brags about it all.

I'm pretty sure rule number one for criminal activity is shutting the f*** up about it, but I think he's enjoying his moment in the spotlight, so I figured I'd shine it even brighter with this article.

You're welcome, Paul!

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