IHOP is adding a third location to the Southwest side of Lubbock near Covenant Park. Get excited! Now you'll have even more options for places to stuff your face with pancakes at 3 am. Construction on the new location began in June, and there is no word yet on how long it will take, but I think it's safe to say, everyone in town is going to be pretty stoked.

Some of my best memories as a rowdy teenager involve late-night trips to IHOP with my pals. Most of the time, we were broke and could only afford coffee. We'd sit there for hours chatting and probably didn't leave very good tips, but the servers were still cool with us.

The only downside to the new location is how close it is to my parent's house. I can already hear my little sisters begging me to take them when visit. They are pancake-eating-machines.

Lubbock could benefit from the addition of many different chain restaurants in town. What do you think we need another of? Or, what do you think we need that we don't have already? I think it would be pretty cool if we got an In-N-Out Burger. I know what you're thinking. "We already have Whataburger!" Look, I get it. But... I really want to try those tasty-looking little baby burgers. I can't help it. Don't come for me...

What do you think about the new IHOP? Let me know in a comment below this article and keep scrolling for more local fun below!

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